We aim to build a world, that enriches later life working alongside older people and others.

Balanced Lives Programme

We run weekly Balanced Lives programmes in various communities to help people stay active, reduce the risk of falls, and also to combat the social isolation that affects so many.


Author: Anthony McHugh

Donate in memory of a loved one

Create a tribute page in memory of a loved one Personalise a donation page in a few simple steps and ask family and friends to join you in celebrating the life of a loved one.


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Our volunteers

To deliver our Balanced Lives programmes to help people have a happier and healthier later life we need to raise funds. Gain direct hands-on experience of raising money to help the health and well being of older people by becoming a volunteer. Know that your efforts WILL make a real difference.


Author: Mark Purches

Real life stories

  • Balanced Lives In Action

    Balanced Lives programmes are run in the community throughout England and Wales. This video gives a glimpse into a programme and the benefits it brings to the older people who attend. Read more

  • Bill's Story

    The Balanced Lives programme has made a very positive change to the life of 78 year old Bill. It has helped to improve his physical health and reduced the loneliness he had felt for years. Read more

  • Edna's Story

    A lady living in a care home was able to move an item of great emotional value from a cabinet in her room to her bedside. The improved flexibility and mobility gained in Balanced Lives enabled her to do this. Read more

  • Betty's Story

    A lady in a wheelchair did not communicate with others in the Balanced Lives group for a number of weeks. Eventually, through one-to-one interaction, she began to participate more in the programme. Read more


  • Winter into Spring Shopping Event

    Banish those winter blues and look forward to spring with our new shopping event. If you are looking to do some online shopping and want to save money on a wide range of items, help is on hand. Savoo has thousands of voucher codes and deals that will help you save money. It won't cost you anything and Savoo will donate 1p to Action For Elders for every search. Read more

  • Older People's Housing Conference

    As part of our ongoing quest to address the problems of the crisis in social care, we gave a taster workshop at the Older People's Housing Conference on the history and details of our hugely successful, evidenced-based Balances Lives programme. We were able to show how working in partnership with housing associations could produce a win-win scenario for both organisations; as we bring added value in health and social care to their environment. Read more

  • Mountain adventure

    Our Balanced Lives participants have achieved some amazing things in their lifetimes. Dennis, for example went on an expedition to the Himalayas at the age of 65, to celebrate his retirement. Read more