Loneliness and Isolation for Christmas? 

Think about it...

Christmas comes early this year as our Christmas Appeal focuses on loneliness and isolation over the holiday period. Action for Elders feel this is a particularly difficult time for many older people. Our Balanced Lives programme works very hard in the lead up to Christmas and the New Year in this, the traditional time for people to get together with loved ones. 

Plan ahead and think about older people this Christmas

The Christmas and New Year period can be a joyous time, but it can highlight the problems of older members of society, many have have recently lost loved ones or live far away from relatives and older friends. At Action for Elders we believe in connecting people up with their relatives, we feel it's important to remain part of a community and share common experiences with people either their own ages, or friends who are often to busy over the holiday period to remember their older neighbours. 

Don't give older people the gift of loneliness and isolation this Christmas and New Year. Contact Action For Elders to see how we can help and support those in later life