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Bert Harper has attended the Balanced Lives course for just over a year. A year ago Bert was in hospital with a stroke and pneumonia. The doctor had told his daughter there was a strong possibility Bert wouldn’t walk again. When Bert gained his strength he was really interested in taking part in the Balanced Lives programme.

“I really believe that Balanced Lives has been very beneficial, I wish the class were twice a week. I have a great rapport with David, the Instructor and look forward to seeing him. I believe that the programme has made me more confident and done wonders for my mobility.”

Bert Harper – Age 95 and a half years


Report from Care Homes Activities Co-Ordinator – Sheffield

"I co-ordinate Balanced Lives Programme sessions every Tuesday in Sheffield. I have had the pleasure of watching our residents, some of whom suffer with dementia or other elements such as stiffness and arthritis. It is incredible to witness the residents remembering the movements and over time, becoming able to do the exercises so well. I truly believe the Balanced Lives course has benefited each and every one of our residents. They have all built up great trust with David and look forward to him coming, not just as an Instructor, but as a friend. They have great conversations, as David is very person centered and has taken time to get to know the residents as individuals. Family members of the residents have also built up a great rapport with David and noticed the huge improvements to their lives.

Joanne – Activities Co-Ordinator