A Balanced Lives programme for the older people of Swansea

Following investment from the local Bay Health Community Network, a weekly programme takes place every Thursday at the award winning ExtraCare scheme at Hazel Court in the Sketty area of Swansea.

The new programme began back in July and follows the hugely successful programme that has been running in the Clydach area of Swansea since 2011.
Our recently appointed Mobility Lead, Mike Hart says:
It is a pleasure to be involved in such a unique programme. Unlike other exercise related events, this groundbreaking programme focuses on a number of key areas to both improve mobility AND reduce physical pain. These are the two areas that are so often a cause of isolation and depression in the lives of older people.
The programme takes place on Thursdays at 2pm at the Hazel Court ExtraCare Scheme, Sketty Park and is open to patients at the following eight local surgeries:

Sketty and Killay Medical Centre
Kings Road Surgery
University Health Centre
The Grove Medical Centre
Marina Surgery
West Cross Surgery
Gower Medical Practice
Uplands and Mumbles Surgery

Booking is Easy

Dr Kirstie Truman, Chair of Bay Health Community Network says:
I'm very pleased to be working with Action For Elders on this exciting new project. It's very easy to book, just contact your local GP at any one of the eight surgeries taking part and they will gladly advise you.


Other Programme News 

York Sessions Are a Resounding Success

After a positive response to our taster programmes in York during 2016, we have begun regular weekly courses at the Foxwood Community Centre, Cranfield Place.

Betty Sutherland, our Mobility Lead says: ‘We were very happy with the reaction to our taster courses last year and are now so pleased we can offer them on a regular basis. “

Positive Results

We are already receiving positive feedback: Here are a couple of recent case studies...

Angela's Story

Angela is a 68 year old lady who has Arthritis, COPD and experiences isolation. She liked the idea of an exercise group with a social aspect, but was worried her age would be an issue at Balanced Lives. Angela thought she would feel too young to be there. Our programmes predominately target those around 75, but we do accept younger participants: as often many who are lonely and isolated fall into the 65-75 age group. Angela felt at home almost immediately. Not only is she enjoying the programme, her health and confidence are greatly improved. 

Alf's Story

Alf has lived in York for most of his later life. He is 69 yrs of age and has been left with limited mobility following a Brain Tumour. He has fallen a number of times, has a hip replacement and walks with a frame. He has a full time carer. The local physiotherapy department told him that nothing more could be done for him as they lacked resources. A council led exercise programme was also withdrawn because of lack of funds. He heard about us from a feature in the York Herald and joined the programme. Now, slowly but surely Alf is making progress. The programmes have made a huge difference to his life.  

Booking for this event has now closed.