David Lipka Head of Mobility – United Kingdom

David Lipka joined us in 2014 when we received funding from Comic Relief to run a brand new Care Home programme in Sheffield. He has gradually extended his role to include responsibility for the management and standards of our Balanced Lives mobility programme nationally. He currently runs a very successful Balanced Lives Programme at a Residential Home in Sheffield. Evaluations after the initial 12-week programme indicated clear benefits for participants, including a general sense of well-being and more positive attitude.

“I was extremely pleased,” beams David, “as the evaluation also found that people had achieved better balance, along with greater independence by being able to stand and sit independently. In fact, overall they had much greater flexibility.”

David has been teaching professionally for the last 17 years. An advanced instructor with the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain, he is also trained in traditional Chinese Medicine and Shiatsu. As well as offering classes for the general public and running his own school, David has developed a widely acknowledged expertise in working with people who have specific health concerns.