Morwenna and Ivor

A Life in Print

Morwenna and Ivor’s Story.

Current cost of living increases in fuel and energy prices are having a catastrophic effect on the lives of many older people. So much so, that sometimes even simple day-to-day tasks can lead to stress and anxiety over unforeseen costs.

Morwenna and Ivor first met in 1960 when they were both working at Swansea Copper Works; they have been together ever since.  Ivor was a mechanical engineer and Morwenna a Comptometer Operator (an early mechanical calcalator).

The couple were having problems with their printers. Both were several years old, the cost of ink had increased dramatically so it was costing £100 per printer to replace a set of ink cartridges. And to make matters worse, both printers had started to develop faults.

Morwenna and Ivor wanted help from an expert, so they filled in the contact form on Action for Elders website and our Digital Support Specialist, Adrian Scott phoned to arrange a home visit.

After visiting them in their Swansea home, Adrian could see that both printers were beyond economic repair.

Morwenna explained to Adrian that they don’t print out many pages per month, but really rely on having a working printer for things that are very important in their daily lives; such as shopping lists, health forms and car insurance policies.

Adrian’s Solution

Adrian had a solution, they could share one printer on their Wi-Fi network. This would reduce the cost of ink and save much-needed space in their room too. A few days later Adrian returned with a new Canon printer and set up all the necessary software required to print from both computers.

Morwenna takes up the story:

“Adrian came along with the printer. Ivor and I each have a computer, so Adrian set things up so that we could both print from our own computers. When we asked how much we owed him, we were both very pleasantly surprised that Action for Elders had paid for both the printer and Adrian’s time. We did not expect this and can only say how much we appreciate what they have done for us.”

Digital Inclusion

As we say at Action For Elders, it’s the small details that matter and our Digital Inclusion programme exists to tackle the anxiety and stress of everyday living.

“Adrian is a very pleasant person, one that can be trusted and he explained everything to us. I’d like everyone to know about all the truly wonderful work being done by Action For Elders.”

Morwenna and Ivor, a very appreciative couple.

Ivor is one of the founder members of the Treboeth History Society which has published a book and DVD on the rich history of this area of Swansea.

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