Action for Elders is a registered charity

A Community Interest Company

It is good to get together and enjoy meeting and exercising every week
- Balanced Lives participant

We were created to help older people and society cope with the major challenges posed by increasing longevity.

We focus on a number of aspects of coping with being an older person – particularly helping people to remain mobile, with the opportunity to socialise with others. The services we provide are in line with the National Service Framework for Older People (NSF 2002).

We work to ensure that older people have the opportunities to stay fit, healthy and fulfilled, while reducing social and health care costs for local and national governments.

Our strategic objectives are to:

Improve the general health and well-being of older people.
Enhance their feelings of well-being, ensuring respect and protection of dignity.
Reduce social and health costs, so that funds can be used in other areas of health priority, and
Build a sustainable and focused organisation that will help to change the way our society thinks and cares about older people.