Coronavirus and Lockdown Update

Overcoming Social Isolation

The key to better physical and mental health in the older community

Our Getting Back Out There Campaign is a series of practical interventions designed to help older people overcome social isolation and loneliness to reconnect with their families and communities. We are calling on UK politicians and policy makers to support our campaign to raise awareness of the huge issues of fear and anxiety felt by older members of society, both during lockdown and especially now as we see restrictions lifted.

“As we come out of lockdown older people are in serious danger of being left behind.”

The mixed messages from the media have caused confusion. Older people are anxious to get back out and reclaim their lives, but do not know how to reconcile this new freedom with concerns about the risk of contracting COVID 19 and their desire to reconnect safely.

“NHS waiting lists are up, there is a huge backlog for operations. GP surgeries are facing an overwhelming post-covid workload.”

We are asking decision makers to look at all the problems faced by the older population as a result of the pandemic. If we fail to tackle anxiety and mental health issues now, these challenges will be exacerbated in the future and there is a very real risk of negative impact on the NHS and Social Care. This could inhibit the NHS from carrying out their core work: treating health conditions and tackling the huge backlog of operations.

“Many older people; those who are vulnerable or in care homes and sheltered housing haven’t been out for more than a year. Even fully fit older people are feeling very unsure about coming out of lockdown safely.”

Already, through our Balanced Lives Zoom exercise and wellbeing sessions or walking initiatives, we have been able to go some way toward bridging the gap between the social isolation of lockdown and a safe return to normality.

The question is: How can we stop older people suffering from the planned cutbacks to social and public services?

The answer: Perhaps it is time for innovation and support for charities like Action For Elders who have the knowledge and experience in offering bespoke support to people in later life and those that care for them.

Learn more about our Getting Back Out There campaign.

We are calling for statements in the House, interviews with press, TV and radio, help by tweeting and getting behind the campaign on all social media channels. Our Getting Back Out There campaign offers a practical solution, so we welcome debate and discussion on the hidden dangers of prolonged anxiety.


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