Online services launch

Balanced Lives at home and our Digital support programme

Coronavirus has changed all our lives. Limits on meetings and face to face contact has encouraged Action for Elders has adapted its work to deliver it online.

Over the last few weeks we have been testing and refining our successful Balanced Lives model to adapt to the current circumstances and beyond.

We have identified the gaps in provision, repositioned ourselves to meet the new needs and widened our delivery to include those older people who previously did not have access to our community delivery model.

We can now offer older people in all areas a full package of services, designed to offer a holistic approach to the health and well-being of older people at this time. There is a focus on digital inclusion, mental health and mobility.

What’s new?

Balanced Lives at home

This is a set of online programmes for older people that are FREE to use online .

Its current focus is on specific health and wellbeing areas that are prevalent to the COVID-19 situation. They include ways to boost your immune system, increase lung capacity and how to deal with stress and anxiety.

We are continually updating this site with new relevant content.

Balanced Lives - front room
Balanced Lives – Front Room is also part of our online programmes.

It is a private VIP area for the current participants in our weekly live programmes.

Anybody wishing to join these sessions will need to be referred and request access via a passcode. This area also includes sessions on mindfulness and book clubs.

Again, this is FREE.

Technology loans

We will be commencing a technology loan scheme to include tablets and wi-fi dongles.

At the moment our regular participants take preference but we will shortly be rolling this out further in the community. So, please contact us if you have identified an urgent need and we will do our best to help.

There is NO CHARGE for this service.

Digital support officer

We have appointed a ‘Digital Support Officer’ to assist with all tech matters, including connectivity issues and using tablets and computers.

Adrian Scott has undertaken full safeguarding training and is fully DBS checked. His role is to get older people online as quickly and as easily as possible. He will teach them to understand and be confident in all digital matters.

You can contact him directly by email at digitalsupport@actionforelders.org.uk. He is available to advise and call people without charge.

Digital guides

We have produced a number of easy to read ‘Digital Guides’.

They include instructions for those new to online communication such as ‘How to download and access Zoom’, ‘Using Skype and so on.

New guides are planned to cover such areas as ‘Online Security’, ‘Spam’ and ‘Phishing’.

All are FREE and can be kept and downloaded as an easy reference guide. They will shortly all be available on our website.

Telephone trees

Action For Elders has introduced ‘Peer-led telephone trees’.

For older people, Peer to Peer conversations are important to keep in touch with each other and share problems. Please contact us if you would like someone added to the ‘Tree’. N.B. It is not area- centric and you only need a telephone to join a “tree”.

Why we focus on the problems of old age

Many old people suffer from loneliness and inactivity. Worse still, they are frequently viewed as being less important than other adults.

Research shows us that all of us can live better lives in old age if we are more mobile and have the opportunity to talk and meet with other people. This is why we put so much effort into our programmes for physical, mental and social programmes.

Contact us

Email: info@actionforelders.org.uk

Phone: 030 330 30132

Post: Action for Elders, Elfed House, Oak Tree Court, Mulberry Drive, Cardiff Gate, Cardiff CF23 8RS

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