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All’s Well with Wellbeing Sessions

Chris Hoare has added wellbeing to his regular Balanced Lives ‘live’ Zoom Sessions.

The Balanced Lives programme has always been as much about general wellbeing as exercise and mobility. A healthy body and mind are the key to staying fit and well in later life, especially during Covid-19.

Chris Hoare’s new live wellbeing Zoom sessions are working very well, especially since he introduced a Question & Answer element.

“A lot is coming to light in terms of how people have been affected by anxiety, feelings of frustration, anger and confusion while being locked down,” explains Chris.

Chris has provided an open forum for the class to share problems: “I’ve asked people to reach out and address issues in their lives. We have helped with diet and nutrition, looked at sleep patterns, discussed aches, ailments and relieved stiffness due to lack of movement. It has also been interesting to hear about the impact news and media can have by reinforcing negativity within people.”

“It’s all about positive thinking,” says Chris. “I have been working on the concept of inviting good energy into people’s lives, rather than negative. A few participants have been significantly affected in their mental health since lockdown; being unable to do live classes; some have suffered with depression.”

“Fortunately, those who are able to attend Balanced Lives exercise sessions and wellbeing classes have gone from strength to strength. We have been receiving regular feedback about how much our participants are enjoying and benefiting from the sessions.” says Chris proudly.

You can read more about our Live Zoom Sessions page for full details of Chris Hoare’s Balanced Lives exercise and wellbeing classes.

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