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Back in the Community with Balanced Lives

The return of face-to-face sessions in Hereford.

Our online sessions with Hereford participants have been a great success. Now, as part of our ongoing Getting Back Out There campaign, we are pleased to announce the return of Balanced Lives exercise and wellbeing sessions in the community.

We welcome new and current members to our popular Belmont Group in Hereford for a brand-new series of ‘live’ programmes of practical help and support to ease you back into normal life, safely.

What Chris Hoare has to say

Chris Hoare, our Action For Elders Mobility Teacher is hugely popular with participants. We asked him to tell us more about these exciting new face-to-face sessions…

How do you feel about coming back out into the community?

“Great, it will be really good to start building a strong community-based class that is person focused and re-establish current bonds with participants, whilst developing our standing in the local area and widening our scope.”

What do you have planned for participants to get them back into the swing of things?

“The sessions will be a mix of breathing exercises, wellbeing and meditative techniques. The aim is to reduce stress and anxiety to improve our function in general daily living. Also to improve strength and mobility with our balance movements.

Have you had much feedback on the need for face-to-face sessions?

“Participants have been very keen to start live sessions again, especially from the social aspect. Also, when face-to-face the Balanced Lives movements are visibly easier to achieve.

How did people respond to the online sessions and did they help them through lockdown?

“Absolutely! Online sessions have been people’s life blood in a profound sense of the word, they seem to have been instrumental in keeping people going, giving them hope and something to look forward to in their week. We were able to keep people mobile and healthy during what otherwise would be a very sedentary period.”

We now have online AND face to face sessions in Hereford. Have we come out of the pandemic stronger and with more to offer people?

“Yes totally, being able to offer the best of both worlds is a huge plus for us: it means we can tailor our programs to suit a broader range of participants. We can start to entertain the possibility of running more than one session a week, which people seem to be open toward. Running two sessions (one live and one remotely) could make a great and effective package that could prove very complimentary.

How to take part

Balanced Lives Mobility and Wellbeing sessions
with Chris Hoare

Belmont Community Centre
Eastholme Ave,
From Thursday 16th September from 2pm to 4pm

Join here…

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