Real People, Real Stories

We are helping many older people to have healthier and happier later lives.

Bill is one of them:

The Balanced Lives programme has made a very positive change to the life of 78 year old Bill. It has helped to improve his physical health and reduced the loneliness he had felt for years.

Bill is a widower and has lived alone since his wife died. He has no children or other close family. Twenty years ago, shortly before retirement, he had a serious car accident that left him with painful back problems. After retiring he kept in touch with former colleagues for a few years, but due to his back problem causing poor health this contact faded away.

He’s in constant pain, which he learned to manage to some extent by devising his own exercises.  But advancing age made it more difficult for him and, due to poor balance, had fallen twice and hurt himself. He was referred to our Balanced Lives programme by the physiotherapists from the local falls clinic. We began by taking his blood pressure, pulse, weight, and getting to know Bill’s s interests, background and what he hoped to achieve by joining the programme.  We know how important it is to treat each person as an individual and tailor the programme to their circumstances and needs.

Bill said he wanted to manage his pain through our specialist exercises and movements. He was also concerned about his loss of weight.

He said, “I now do gentle exercises while sitting in a chair. It helps to keep me more supple. It’s a mixed group of friendly people and there are various activities that interest me. I’ve made some really good friends here and gained some weight. I am very pleased to have joined Balanced Lives. It’s made a difference to my life.”