A Younger Person’s Guide

Have you thought about getting old? Maybe you have seen the effects of ageing on a friend or relative, but have you ever really thought about how they are feeling? Have you ever thought about how you will feel when you get old? Too many questions? Can’t think about that right now? That’s what everybody says, until they suddenly get old themselves.

The truth is we are all living longer, so it’s not really ‘Old Age’ that is the problem now. It’s all about perception, how people react to older people and how you will spend your later years.

If we can change people’s perception of age now, when you reach your latter years you won’t have to put up with the predudices and difficulties experiences by today’s older generation. You won’t want that kind of stress when you are older and wiser.


Think ahead. Take our 5-minute, 5-question test to see if you will make the most of your latter years…


  1. How will you spend your retirement?

A: Doing Nothing.  

B: Travelling.  

C: Looking up old Friends/relations

D: Doing exercise and keeping your mind active.


  1. How will you get the best from old age?

A: Take lots of exercise

B. Eat more fruit

C: Get more fresh air

D: Join a programme like Action For Elders that incorporates exercise, stimulation for the mind and prepares you to take on ‘Old Age’ and win.


  1. What age do you feel that you will feel that you will be genuinely old?  

A: 65

B: 75

C: 80

D: other… Please specify


  1. Do you think people have negative feelings toward Old Age?

A: Yes

B: No


  1. Do you think we can rely on the government to look after us in old age?

A: Yes

B: No