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Christmas Viewing

Our Mobility Teachers choose their favourite exercise videos.

In our very own version of Desert Island Discs, our Mobility Teachers choose their favourite exercise and wellbeing videos from the wide range on the Action For Elders YouTube channel.

David Lipka (Mobility Lead – Sheffield)

His choice: Relief From Arthritis Part 2 – Whole Body Exercise

David’s comment: “The Relief from Arthritis series is among my favourite of the year; they were very popular with people of all ages from older participants to GPs and our very own Communications Director.”

Betty Sutherland (Mobility Teacher – York)

Betty’s choice: Managing Sciatica – Part 2 Doorframe Technique

Betty’s comment: “I did two videos on Managing Sciatica but the Doorframe Technique is my favourite. It’s quirky, attracts attention and I can say that this exercise REALLY WORKS.”

Chris Hoare (Mobility Teacher – South Wales)

Chris’ choice: Beating the Isolation Blues – Part 4 Releasing Tension

Chris’ comment: “The Isolation Blues videos were very popular as they summed up this year of lockdown – and the need to stay upbeat mentally.”

John Coleman (Communications Director)

John’s choice: How to Improve Mobility with… Balanced Lives

John’s comment: “my personal favourites is Betty Sutherland’s easy to follow video on how to improve joint mobility and build core strength.”

If you had a favourite choice from our exercise videos, or would like us to make a video on a topic that you think is important in old age, why not drop us an email at info@actionforelders.org.uk and we will see what we can do.

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