Designed for the Public Good 

Community Interest Companies (CICs) were introduced to the UK in 2005.

They are designed so that all profits they make and assets owned can be used for the public good. CICs are growing in popularity in the UK, accounting for around one in every 200 new companies. There are at present 12,000 CICs on the Regulator’s register, of which the majority are within third sector areas such as health and social care.

Action For Elders UK CIC was formed in 2011 with a separate management board and constitution to our registered charity: Action For Elders Trust. Its purpose is to respond to commercial and trading activities that are required as part of our work. It also provides experienced management advice to our charity, as and when required. An asset lock allows all of its financial surpluses (if any) to be transferred to our charity.

Due to the success of the charity this company is currently dormant, but will become available as we develop.