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Community Survey Results

The Power of Community.

We surveyed 1000 older people on their experience of community and asked what would help them to feel more connected. The results bring to light the huge challenges facing our older community today and younger people tomorrow.

Being part of a strong community is a way to find friendships, feel a sense of belonging and build a support network that will help people through the most difficult times. Our latest Survey and Research Briefing is a power document that succinctly shows the problems and the work needed to be done to tackle these important issues.

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Loneliness and Isolation

We found that loneliness and isolation were some of the most important root causes of poor mental health among older people:

Almost two-thirds (63%) of older people feel lonely on a regular basis.

It was very clear that the key to achieving good mental health was support from the local community. Living in mainly disconnected communities contributes to older people feeling isolated, alone, undervalued and misunderstood.


Want Age-Friendly Communities


Feel Lonely on a Regular Basis

Age Friendly Communities

It was also apparent that the long term solution was to create Age-Friendly communities. This was vital to support older people; to help them feel connected and valued in their community. This was borne out by our survey results:

We found that 77% of older people who are lonely want to feel more connected to their community.

Our survey also showed very strongly that ‘Age- Friendly’ didn’t mean creating age-specific activities, but rather creating activities and spaces where all ages are welcome.

“[An Age-Friendly Community] is the acceptance of people of all ages for all activities. Activities where youth and older people join together and work as a team. People need to realise that we don’t go into our dotage at the age of 60 and an accepting all-age community would help with this.”
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Our Balanced Lives Programmes

Our Balanced Lives programmes are a way to connect people in local communities and provide an opportunity to exercise, socialise and learn new life skills in a warm and friendly environment.

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