Corporate & Business partnerships

At Action for Elders, we work collaboratively with our business and corporate partners to help change lives, for good.

Older people are at the heart of all that we do: we won’t stop as long as they are isolated and lonely and until they are on track to create the future they want.

This is why we put their well-being at the heart of everything we do.

Help us to change older peoples’ lives for good

Action for Elders works with businesses to expand our reach and resources, but also our impact. We work to create truly impactful and sustainable partnerships with companies whose values align with our own.

Below are just some of the ways we form partnerships.

Strategic partnerships
We create strategic partnerships that encourage companies to think holistically about their impact on people in old age, going beyond the conventional understanding of Corporate Social Responsibility towards the pursuit of lasting and meaningful change.

We also work together with companies to access institutional funding sources, where we believe that partnerships can help to add value to the impact of our work.

Employee engagement
This is a unique team-building experience that gives supporters the opportunity to see our work first-hand and witness the difference their support is making.

To learn how to take part and how it can benefit one of your teams, please contact us 0n 030 330 30132

Brand Partnerships

Many corporates have considerable reach.

Where values align, we form alliances with brands to create marketing partnerships focused on reaching new audiences and maximising impact through promotional activity, events, social media and other communications channels.

Fundraising Partnerships
Many partners choose to financially support our work around the UK. Whether through corporate philanthropy or funding co-created programmes, we work with companies to change older peoples’ lives, for good.
Pro Bono Partnerships

We recognise that companies can support us through their expertise, knowledge and innovation.

We work with a series of pro bono partners to support innovation, and maximise the impact of our work.

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Why we focus on the problems of old age

Many old people suffer from loneliness and inactivity. Worse still, they are frequently viewed as being less important than other adults.

Research shows us that all of us can live better lives in old age if we are more mobile and have the opportunity to talk and meet with other people. This is why we put so much effort into our programmes for physical, mental and social programmes.

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