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Cost of Living Survey

Our latest survey paints a bleak picture of life for the older community.

Our Cost of Living Survey has found that more than 90% of older people feel the cost of living crisis has destroyed the fabric of their daily lives.

A Stark Picture

Action For Elders surveyed older people throughout England and Wales and found that cost of living was the single most important issue affecting their daily lives. We need your help to reach more people in the community, so please help us by donating to our Winter Crisis Appeal.

  • Concerned about the cost of living 94% 94%
  • Cost of living affecting their health 45% 45%
Our Winter Cost of Living Survey findings paint a starkly bleak picture of life for the older community this winter, especially those 65plus, who feel they have been largely ignored. Over 90% felt spiralling cost of living was their number one concern. In this far-reaching survey to find out how people’s lives are being affected all over the country, we found many in the older community are so worried, it is having a huge impact on their daily mental and physical health.

“The rising Cost of Living has affected all areas of my life. I’ve cut back on heating, using hot water, using my oven and hob, cut back on food. Would not even consider going to a paid for social event or going on holiday, buying new clothes as am struggling to pay the bills.”

Action For Elders participant


Have already taken action to reduce their living costs

How it is Affecting Older People

When asked about spending they have cut back on, the main areas were heating, food and social outings.

Heating bills seem to be of greatest concern, but for more than a third of those surveyed, the cuts were even more far ranging.


Have already cut back on heating, food and their social lives

The vast majority are delaying putting their heating on until mid-December and the concern is that many people will suffer cold related illnesses and health problems, putting huge pressure on the NHS.

“I have suffered increased anxiety from money worries, less social interaction and more pain from arthritis due to cutbacks on heating.” 

Action For Elders participant

For more facts on our survey contact us at info@actionforelders.org.uk

For our current programme of events to help with the problems of staying warm and keeping active this winter, please see our programme of events: https://www.actionforelders.org.uk/getting-back-out-there-events

For more information about our Warm Hubs:

Winter Crisis Appeal

Your donations are helping us to set up Warm Hubs to provide older people with warmth, blankets, food and the chance to meet others.

Donate now and help others at this time of winter crisis

“This hard hitting survey pulls no punches on how the cost of living crisis is affecting older, vulnerable people and the total disintegration of the fabric of our society . We need to act now before lives are lost unnecessarily. We call on those who can to help us support people in desperate need of help and to campaign for urgent change by those in power.”

James Lewis, CEO – Action for Elders

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We Need Your Help Too

The older community are facing an extraordinarily difficult winter this year with spiralling energy and food prices. Our Balanced Lives Warm hubs offer hope and practical help. We would like to expand these hubs further but need your help urgently.

Please donate now and help us to fight the cost of living crisis

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