Doreen - Action for Elders supporter

Doreen’s Story

Giving me back my confidence.

Doreen hadn’t seen her relatives for a long while and missed their company desperately. She lived near the sea front in Swansea, but had been stuck at home over lockdown, “staring at four walls,” having been self-isolating for “the best part of 18 months.”

Doreen was at her wits end; tired, lonely and having lost confidence. The problems with the computer – her only real contact with the outside world – only made matters worse. To compound this Doreen’s electricity bills were coming in far too high, surely the readings had been incorrect?

High Energy Bills

As lockdown eased, Doreen decided to take matters into her own hands and find help. Doreen contacted Action For Elders wanting assistance with her PC. Our technical support expert Adrian called her and a home visit was arranged. “Adrian was really kind and helpful, he arranged for me to do so many things on my computer,” said a very relieved Doreen.

To try and put a stop to the high bills, Doreen had been spending hours on the phone every quarter to submit correct readings for her electricity meter; coping with noisy call centres and long waiting times. Adrian was quickly able to set up an online utility account for Doreen, which took away all her worry and anxiety of having to wait on the phone, talking to people who couldn’t help her.

Just having the offer of support from Adrian at Action for Elders gave me new found confidence.


Adrian also offered to be with her when she submitted the first reading online. “You would do this for me?” she asked with a tear in her eye. In the end, Doreen decided she would be able to do it on her own. “Just having the offer of Adrian’s support gave me the confidence to submit the reading by myself,” said Doreen.

The Next Visit

On the next visit, Adrian was able to reconnect Doreen’s printer and also solve her router problems. “Thank you so much Action For Elders,” said Doreen in a beautiful hand written note delivered to our office a few days later.
We would like to give more people like Doreen the tools to help themselves, so your support and donations are absolutely vital.

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