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End Loneliness in Later Life

A Big Thank You For Your Support.

We would like to offer our sincerest thanks to all those who donated to our End Loneliness In Later Life appeal, which was part of the Big Give’s Kind²Mind campaign. You really have made a world of difference to the lives of so many in the older community.

During a frenetic period between May 15th and May 22nd we received 108 donations to achieve our target; so we are most grateful for your generosity and support. We cannot thank you enough for continuing to donate. It means so much.

A Big Thank You To The Big Give

We would like to thank the Big Give for a fantastic and worthwhile campaign which took place during Mental Health Awareness Week. The Big Give is a visionary organisation that multiplies the goodwill of thousands of people, funders and charities with a Match Funding Scheme, which means that every donation is doubled. It really was a case of ‘One Donation Double The Impact’.

A lot of exclusion comes about through ill health, poverty and caring responsibilities. Having things to do and go to that are local, suitable and welcoming and not expensive is important.

Action for Elders Participant

The success of our End Loneliness In Later Life appeal will enable us to help many more people in the older community and make a big difference to so many lives.

Our Campaign To End Loneliness

Our Campaign to End Loneliness is an ambitious one and something which cannot be achieved overnight or without further support and investment, but it is something that we believe in passionately. Funds raised will enable the charity to continue with its campaigning work in relation to the mental health and wellbeing of older people.

An Unspoken Health Challenge

Loneliness is one of the great unspoken health challenges and can increase the risk of death in older people by 26%. Research published in PLOS Medicine finds that loneliness is a stronger risk factor for death than physical inactivity and obesity.

Now The Real Work Begins

We will create age friendly community groups with the emphasis placed on individual, meaningful conversations. We will recruit and train volunteers in a relationship-centred model of care.

You can read about our campaign here – Big Give Loneliness Campaign

And if you haven’t been able to donate to this campaign, you can still help us by donating…

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