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Our Balanced Lives exercise programmes have been carefully created to help you live more healthily in later life.
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Why Balanced Lives classes

Just an hour or two of your time each week of Balanced Lives exercises can form part of your core 150 minutes of weekly activity and give you the encouragement to start improving your life for the better.

Join thousands of others

Thousands of people throughout the UK have taken part in Action for Elders’ programmes and have been helped to regain strength and mobility and improve their well-being.

Our Instructors

With many years of experience in developing programmes for older people, our fully qualified instructors will ensure you get the most from the time you spend getting fitter and healthier with them.

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Exercise online

Make a difference in your life by getting started with a live online exercise programme today

Our Balanced Lives at home and online classes take place every week on Zoom and give you the chance to join our instructors and others in getting yourself active in old age.

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Our online classes are live and completely FREE.


Join a local community exercise class

Action for Elders pioneered some of the earliest Community Groups throughout the UK.

Our Balanced Lives programmes have successfully offered many older people the chance to get fitter, stronger and healthier in a friendly, social environment.

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FREE to join and take part

We run community classes throughout the UK. Check to see if there is one in your area.


Exercise at home in your own time

Action for Elders has created a video library designed to help every level of fitness and mobility.

True to our intention never to leave anyone behind, this will allow you to progress at your own pace using the video library in ways that suit you best.

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FREE to take part

Prefer to take things at your own speed.Check out our ever-growing library of videos

The benefits of exercise and activity

Did you know that increasing your activity levels and exercising increases your health and helps you live better in old age?

Action for Elders programmes are proven to work for even the oldest people. They are not just designed to get you fitter and stronger, but also help you to overcome loneliness and social isolation. This is why so many people make Balanced Lives part of their daily life.

Learn how exercise and activity are good for you at any age

Our library of guides and keys to living a healthy and active life can be found here

I feel so much better since I joined a Balanced Lives programme and I’m getting fitter too.


Balanced Lives Participant - Hereford

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