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Dealing with Negativity in the workplace.

Our Think Differently About Ageing campaign has been featured by Working Wise, the job and community site focused on older workers and those employers who recognise what they have to offer. They spoke to our CEO James Lewis.

Working Wise

Our Think Differently About Ageing campaign has been gaining a lot of momentum since its original launch at the House of Commons in October 2018. At Action For Elders, we have long recognised the value of those in later life who, with a wealth life experience, have much to offer in the workplace. Our campaign has now been featured by Working Wise who share our views on the importance of changing people’s mindset about what it means to be older.

There’s so much negativity about ageing, including in the workplace.
James Lewis

CEO - Action for Elders

A Multi-generational Workplace

Mandy Garner from Working Wise spoke to James Lewis about the problems of ageism in the workplace. James was very clear on the benefits for employers, employees and customers from a multi-generational workplace. In fact, we have found from our own research and experience at our Balanced Lives Programmes that putting together people from different generations can a benefit all ages mentally.

Should We Rethink Retirement?

Many people are very happy in retirement, yet some struggle with the sudden change in their life patterns.
James Lewis thinks that we should rethink forced retirement.

Not everyone wants to retire and if they are happy in their work, why should they have to?
James Lewis

CEO - Action for Elders

He also points to research which shows people live longer if they don’t retire. In retirement, people often tend to be more sedentary, less motivated and that can drive illness.

Large numbers of older people are leaving the workplace and the Government have begun to recognise that those in later life are urgently needed, running their own incentive programmes, but are they really doing enough for older workers?

Read the full story on the Working Wise website and tell us about your experience of working in later life.

To read more about ageism and how it affects those over 50, read Action for Elders comment

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