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Get Active Today

10 ways to get healthy and mobile during Heart Awareness Month.

When it comes to being more active, just getting going can be the biggest issue we face, but there is no day like today to get started.

As part of our Get Active in February and Support your Heart Month campaign, here are our Top Ten Tips…

  • clock iconSet yourself a target of 30 minutes a day for active exercise.
    This is the generally recommended amount, but it is fine to break this into easy and enjoyable 3 x 10-minute sessions.
  • stretching iconAdd a short routine to the time you are up and about. Simple things like stretching, walking around and movement to music can start to remind you how your body works and how movement can be fun.
  • stretching iconTake a walk. A 20-30 minute brisk walk every day ensures you meet the minimum NHS health guidelines and helps you get a breath of fresh air.
  • stretching iconAdd some activity to your lunchtime. Just before lunch, try a 10-minute warm up programme. It will help your digestion too.
  • Training with weightsTry some strengthening exercises to keep muscles, bones and joints strong. This could be as simple as using exercise bands, carrying shopping bags, or using cans of beans as weights.
  • exercise with friends and familyGet family or friends to help and support you. Some people love the competition this creates, but this is not the point as much as simply having someone to support and remind you. Don’t forget, you can do the same for them.
  • exercise with friends and familySet a reminder. There are plenty of Apps to help if you are used to using a smart phone or a tablet, but writing it on a piece of paper and sticking it where you can see it in the kitchen works just as well to stop you forgetting.
  • join a classJoin a class. Action for Elders Balanced Lives online classes are a perfect part of your 150 minutes a week activity.
  • Give yourself a rewardGive yourself a reward. If you succeed in doing everything you said you would in a week, allow yourself the chance to binge watch your favourite TV show or DVDs soon afterwards.
  • Dont get disheartenedDon’t get disillusioned if you don’t suddenly “feel better”, or if you miss a day. Healthy living is a long-term aim.

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