Having a socially distanced party

Having a party

The Socially Distanced Way.

As we move slowly out of lockdown people are looking for different ways to celebrate special occasions. Betty Sutherland, Mobility Lead at Action For Elders Balanced Lives programme York got together with one of our long-standing participants, Ruth to organise our first ‘in person’ event since lockdown.

The ladies of our Balanced Lives Foxwood group met up for a ‘Socially Distanced Birthday Garden Party’ in leafy York to celebrate the birthday of Foxwood participant Sue.

This was a special Birthday for Sue as she had already met up with her family in the morning – at the end of the drive due to social distancing rules – and Sue was expecting a rather sedate celebration locally, with her friend Ruth…

You can imagine Sue’s surprise when she arrived to be met by Betty and some of her friends from the Foxwood group. Sue (standing next to Ruth, the lady in the striped umbrella) was absolutely bowled over by the chance to catch up with her friends.

The event was a huge success and a masterclass in socially distanced socialising! Ruth had set up her garden and house in a way that the ladies could have fun, dance and catch up with their Balanced Lives exercises safely. It was an emotional time too as the ladies, who originally met via the Action For Elders Balanced Lives Foxwood group, hadn’t had a chance to see each other socially since lockdown.

Betty from Action For Elders was especially pleased to be invited as she had missed the ladies, both as friends and participants in the Balanced Lives programme exercises, which she had run with great success in the area pre-lockdown.

The Socially Distanced Birthday Party could start a whole new trend for Birthday celebrations, or any celebrations for that matter, as it’s fun, great for social interaction and above all… safe.

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