Building strong links and forging friendships

Consistently successful community programme 

Three Programmes are now running in this area. We have been particularly successful in building friendships between participants and creating strong links with the local community in Hereford. One particular group of friends formed as a result of meeting at Balanced Lives.

Programme One: Northolme Community Centre, Belmont, Hereford

Mondays - 10am to 12noon

This well-established group meets once a week on Monday mornings. They enjoy the physical activities and getting together for a chat and a weekly catch-up. Over time, the group have forged firm friendships and it continues to grow.


Programme Two: Bryngwyn Court, Hereford

Mondays - 11am to 1pm

This group is located at Herefordshire Housing's Age Exclusive Housing at Bryngwyn Court and was established in June 2018. This popular group is made up of locals in the community and residents at Bryngwyn Court that have been referred by Herefordshire Housing. It has created strong links between residents and visitors to Bryngwyn Court.


Programme Three: Belmont Community Centre, 20 Eastholme Avenue, Hereford 

Thursdays - 2pm to 4pm

Our newest Hereford group began in October 2018. It will have a specific focus on combatting social isolation and loneliness in the Belmont area. 




Sheila suffers from fibromyalgia and coeliac disease and has been in pain for many years. Her health and wellbeing is improving on a weekly basis through attending the Balanced Lives programme. She is feeling stronger and happier.

"I am experiencing considerably less pain since taking part in the programme," says Sheila.


Daphne loves attending Balanced Lives and has made lots of new friends. Before joining the programme, she was extremely lonely and only went out for health appointments. Daphne now feels confident enough to attend all the other activities at Bryngwyn Court, including a recent day trip to Swansea. 

"Daphne has thrived since coming to Balanced Lives and has regained her confidence," says the Housing Centre Manager.

Running in a rural suburb of the city of Hereford, these programmes continue on from one of the first programmes set up by Action For Elders back in 2011. Programmes have run consistently on a weekly basis and gone from strength to strength. 

Donald Macrae, Director of the People's Health Trust which runs the Health Lottery recently visited the programme and received a warm welcome.

I can feel the strength returning to my legs and arms. It's made a huge difference to my life.

Betty, Hereford Balanced Lives participant