Community Spirit in Hereford

Action For Elders held a Christmas Party in December 2018 to celebrate the success of their Balanced Lives Programme at Northolme Road, Hereford. Guests included Mayor of Hereford Councillor Sue Boulter and Falls Prevention expert Sarah Jones (Falls Care Navigator, Nexxus).

This event at Northolme Road brought together a wide section of the older community and also included members from two other local Hereford Balanced Lives groups. The participants began with some gentle exercise, swapped stories and enjoyed new-found friendships. They also found time to enjoy a wonderful Christmas Lunch.

Success Story

The programme has had many success stories, including Betty T who began the programme suffering with scoliosis at the bottom of the spine. She has made astounding progress with her general health and overall mobility.

"When I started coming here I used to use a mobility scooter – and now I don’t need it. I can walk fine now. It’s been a lifesaver for me." Betty T, Balanced Lives participant, Hereford

Community Spirit

Many of the older people of Hereford were suffering with loneliness, felt cut off from the community and lacked motivation for exercise or social contact. The innovative, trademarked Balanced Lives Programme has brought people together. It fact, some members of the local Northholme Group now meet up regularly, independently of the Balanced Lives sessions.

Falls Prevention

The Balanced Lives programme has proven to be invaluable in the prevention of falls for older people. Fall Prevention experts frequently refer patients to our programmes throughout the UK and this has been the case in Hereford.

"The more people can keep moving and keep active – the less chance they’ve got of falling." Sarah Jones, Falls Care Navigator, Nexus



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