Jennifer - jigsaw update

Jigsaw Project Update

How our project is reaching older people.

Action For Elders latest local community initiative has been helping older people through the current lockdown. We recently distributed 12 jigsaws to the local community in York, including Jennifer (see right). The picture was taken by Jennifer’s grandson just before Christmas.

The new project distributing jigsaws to the local older community is proving to be a great success, delivering hugely positive results for those suffering from loneliness and social isolation, during COVID pandemic restrictions.

Jigsaws Can Slow Down the Ageing Process

Scientific research has proven that jigsaws can greatly improve the cognitive ability of those in later life. Solving jigsaws taps into all sorts of areas, including memory, perception and reasoning. It can actually slow down the ageing process and keep people mentally alert.

Working with the NHS

We work closely with the NHS and local authorities to provide care and support for older people. GPs, along with health and social care officers from local councils, refer people to us knowing they will benefit from our support services.

The Jigsaw Project has been particularly successful in the York area with referrals from the local GP and City of York council. Penny Hutchinson, Local Area Coordinator at City of York
identified a number of ladies feeling the effects of isolation. With communal areas out of bounds in care homes and assisted living areas, the idea of providing jigsaws to individuals is proving to be a huge hit among the older population of York.

Case Study

Enid is a lively 92-year-old. She was referred to Action For Elders by local GP Catherine Claudius-Cole at Jorvik Gillygate Medical Practice. Betty Sutherland (York Action For Elders group) had several telephone chats with Enid and realised that she is a jigsaw fanatic. We quickly delivered a jigsaw to Enid and heard this week that she has now finished it.

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Jennifer and jigsaw
Distributing jigsaws in the community

Older people need your help this winter

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