Action For Elders is all about empowering people to take control of their lives as they get older. We can achieve this through our unique Balanced Lives Programme – a blend of gentle exercise together with a fully supportive health programme – concentrating on physical, mental and social wellbeing - to help people enjoy later life.

Leaving money to a charity like Action For Elders in your will supports good causes and can reduce the amount of inheritance tax your heirs will have to pay. 

We reach out to older people, their relatives, friends and carers. We aim to provide the means to bring all age groups together for one common goal: to make later years the best years. Yet, although we have helped over 1200 people we could still do more. And we need your help.

Leaving gifts to charity in your will FAQs

Your will says what will happen to your money, property and possessions after you die.

Your donation will either:

  • be taken off the value of your estate before Inheritance Tax is calculated
  • reduce your Inheritance Tax rate, if more than 10% of your estate is left to charity

You can donate:

  • a fixed amount
  • an item
  • what’s left after other gifts have been given out

Call us on: 030 330 30132

Phone Lines are open Mondays to Fridays from 9am - 6pm 

Email: [email protected]