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Our Balanced Livesprogrammes are helping to end loneliness and make later life better for older people throughout the UK

A gift in a will no matter how large or small
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It’s important for the person leaving a legacy
to feel their gift is making a lasting

  • We provide free help and advice
  • Our service is tailored to individual needs
  • Balanced Lives Programmes have helped thousands of older people
  • Our Programmes are recommended and
    referred by GPs
  • We support Local Communities

Why we focus on the problems of old age

Many old people suffer from loneliness and inactivity. Worse still, they are frequently viewed as being less important than other adults.

Research shows us that all of us can live better lives in old age if we are more mobile and have the opportunity to talk and meet with other people. This is why we put so much effort into our programmes for physical, mental and social programmes.

Your donations help us to reach more old people to help them to become more mobile again and to bring joy and happiness into their lives once more.

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