Win up to £25k in our Lottery and plan for that Rainy Day

Why does Action For Elders have a lottery?

Fundraising for Action For Elders is the principal aim of the lottery and all profits are reinvested directly in the charity. The funds raised from the Action For Elders lottery are reliable and regular as they come in the form of a direct debit. This helps us to budget accurately and make plans for the future allowing us to reach more Older People with our services safe in the knowledge that we have a reliable income source to support us. It also helps us knowing that our supporters have a 1 in 63 chance of winning a weekly prize as well!

Who runs the Action for Elders lottery?

The Action For Elders lottery is run on our behalf by Unity which is administered by Sterling Management Centre Ltd, a registered External Lottery Manager certified by the Gambling Commission. Sterling has been providing specialist lottery services to charities for over two decades helping them to generate in excess of £35 million every year and is experienced in every aspect of lottery fundraising.

The Unity website is

How much of the cost of the lottery ticket does Action For Elders get?

50% of the ticket price comes directly to Action For Elders, so for example, 50p of every £1. The other 50p is spent on administration which is split into two parts with approximately 25p going towards the prize fund, and the remaining 25p paying for the administration behind Unity. If we achieve our target of 5000 Lottery members then the charity will receive £130,000 every year!

What will Action For Elders do with the money raised from the lottery?

Funds raised are also unrestricted, meaning we can allocate the funds to where it is most needed, introducing new services for Older People throughout the UK according to our charitable aims.

How is the £25,000 prize money funded?

The £25,000 prize fund is created by a contribution from all the charities that are part of the Unity lottery – Action For Elders does not fund the £25,000.

How has Action For Elders recruited people to play the Action For Elders lottery?

This is where you come in! If you would like leaflets to promote the lottery on our behalf then please let us know by calling us on 030330 30132. The more players we have, the more funds we can raise to help us fund our vital work in ensuring that Older People live longer with better health and greater independence.