Finished computer table with Junior

Maxine’s Table

A Digital Success Story.

Living in a remote rural area in Wales, Maxine was finding it extremely difficult to cope with the loneliness and isolation of lockdown restrictions. Maxine’s dog, Junior, felt it too and together they tried to get through the long lonely days and nights as best they could.Junior the dog helping

As lockdown eased, Maxine slowly got to grips with her computer, but she was having all sorts of worrying technical problems. If you have limited or no access to a computer it is very difficult to connect with family and friends, especially with no outside help.

Luckily she has Junior to keep her company, his sad doleful eyes echoing her own mood. Maxine had been struggling, not just over computer issues, but with many problems in the house. A lack of proper furniture meant that sitting in comfort at her computer was virtually impossible and her limited mobility made it very difficult to manage on a daily basis.

The Emergency Call

Maxine needed to find somewhere safe and comfortable to master her computer skills and beat isolation. The stress of it all was keeping her up and night. Maxine and Junior exchanged forlorn expressions, everything seemed hopeless. Something just had to be done. Maxine, picked up the phone and called Adrian, Action For Elders Digital support specialist. Junior barked excitedly, sensing that finally, something positive was in the air. “I can’t hear the phone,” said Maxine.

Adrian visited Maxine at home and helped to set up her computer so it worked properly. “I feel connected now,” said Maxine, “but I don’t know where I am going to put it, I can’t have it on my lap, it’s really bad for my back.”

I feel connected now


Getting Comfortable can make all the Difference

After Adrian left and Maxine could now assess all our services: she spoke to Action For Elders help team and we arranged for a new computer table to be delivered to her house. But there was a problem, who could put it together? Again, it was Adrian to the rescue. He had to dig deep and add woodworking expertise to his list of skills.

Thankfully, he was supervised by local canine expert, Junior. Adrian got to work and in four easy steps, put the table together. Table and computer took pride of place by the window and Maxine was finally able to sit safely and explore the outside world digitally.

“Junior may not be allowed on the brand new table, but he really is in a much better mood now that I am able to sit in comfort. I might even be able to buy those biscuits online that he likes,” said a grateful Maxine.

Help us to help others like Maxine – and Junior

Junior the dog

We would like to help more people like Maxine and her dog Junior, so your support and donations are absolutely vital.

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