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The challenges of old age affect all of us. Here our members and guests don’t just talk about the problems they face, but about the ways they enjoy life and a fulfilled old age.

This Think Differently About Ageing space is dedicated to sharing the stories, opinions and lessons of individuals who provide insights, thoughts, experience and opportunities to shape a better, longer life. It is all about maximising the power of positive age beliefs.

Action For Elders is dedicated to leading the way toward a new society where healthspan is as important as lifespan: the number of extra years we experience where we are respected, independent, free of chronic disease and wealthy enough to lead fulfilling lives.

We look forward to sharing the thoughts of our contributors, donors, actionEERS, partners and team members as we all offer positive dialogue and inspiration.

James Lewis

CEO - Action for Elders

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Do you have something to say about the challenges of getting older?

Our members are always interested in hearing how others set about the daily routine of keeping active and looking after their social and mental health.

If you have a story to tell of how you meet these challenges, or how you have over come particular problems, we would love to hear from you.

Just fill in your details below and give us a short description of what you would like to talk about, and we will get back to you.

in particular, we are looking for people prepared to contribute articles of anywhere between 350 and 750 words.

Why we focus on the problems of old age

Many old people suffer from loneliness and inactivity. Worse still, they are frequently viewed as being less important than other adults.

Research shows us that all of us can live better lives in old age if we are more mobile and have the opportunity to talk and meet with other people. This is why we put so much effort into our physical, mental and social programmes.

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