A Christmas Party for the older people of Hereford

Mayor of Hereford, Councillor Sue Boulter joins the group for their celebrations

As a younger person, I can’t ever see myself growing old, yet I worry about relatives and friends approaching their later years.

While filming our new Action For Elders video I found myself inspired by the older people on our Balanced Lives Programme at the Northholme Community Centre in Hereford. After taking part in our exercise and heath programme with mobility lead David Clyant, the group ventured outside for a short session with David under the bright blue December skies of Hereford.

Luckily, we had a drone camera on hand to capture the alfresco session for our new video. It was a truly inspirational moment. The fact that the participants (raging in ages from their early 70s to mid 80s) had already done an hour’s Balanced Lives programme just shows the energy level that this group has achieved in a short time. A little later two other groups from our Brngwyn Court joined the eager participants and Belmont programmes in Hereford for a Christmas lunch.  

I hope to have the same energy and mobility level in my 70s and 80s. Maybe it’s time to think about the older people in your life and how they will be spending their time as the years go by. Certainly, the participants of our Balanced Lives programme really are making their later years the best years.