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Action for Elders exists to help people to live a better life in older age whatever their circumstances. We do this by supporting you to remain active and mobile with our online and community-based a programmes. Our Better Lives programmes give you the chance to exercise and to meet people. We help you to enjoy life and prevent loneliness. We want our participants to enjoy the one thing younger people want but can’t buy, time to enjoy themselves.

Since Covid-19, we have paused our programmes in the community. We are expanding our online programmes to reach a wider audience. It’s our hope that we can spread the message that old age can be lived well and can be fun. This period in your life can be and should be a wonderful time.

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Action for Elders is a registered charity that works with older people to make a real difference to the quality of their later life, whatever their circumstances.

Our dedicated local staff support people to remain mobile and give them the opportunity to socialise with others. We help to change lives, for good. We won’t stop until men and women can live fulfilled lives and banish loneliness.

You can help us reach more older people feeling lonely, in the lockdown and beyond. We need funds to cover the cost of putting in place safe programmes as we work with the most vulnerable older people:

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Our vision is to build a world that enriches later life, working alongside older people so that they all have the choice, support, and empowerment to live healthy, active, fulfilling, and meaningful lives.

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