Quality of Life

Our vision is to have a world where older people are valued. This is an easy thing to say, but it’s rarely put into practice. People are living longer and it’s important to remain fit and active. Quality of life is all-important for everyone, but it becomes harder to achieve, as you get older. Our simple vision is to enable people to live life to the full whatever their age.

Putting Older People First

Action For Elders is a community-based charity that puts older people first and understands their needs. We deliver a series of exercise programmes that focus not only on the health of the body, but on the mind too. We are all about overall wellbeing – and it’s surprisingly easy to achieve – with the right balance of care and attention to detail.

Changing Perception

Our goal is to change the definition of ageing – Age is just a number, not a way of life. It is important that older people think positively about themselves and to examine how younger members of society perceive them. Many give up on older people thinking that they are beyond help. Many believe they are relaxing at home in large houses with huge pensions. This might be the case for some but it is simply not the reality for a vast majority of the older population. Most are certainly not rich; they have health problems, low esteem issues and face loneliness in later years.