Gain Strength, Balance and Increase Mobility

Our Balanced Lives Programmes have three important aspects The first is

Physical Wellbeing

If you have been lucky enough to enjoy good physical health, it can come as a shock to find your health beginning to deteriorate as you grow older. Balanced Lives gives you the tools to help regain your strength. The benefits include improvements to balance, stamina and stability; invaluable for the prevention of falls. In later life fall prevention becomes very important for a great many people. All of these aspects essential in the struggle to maintain and increase mobility. This in turn leads to natural health improvements and less reliance on others. 

Our group in Clydach, Swansea have noticed a huge increase in their mobility and fitness levels.

"It doesn't feel like you are doing much, but now my aches and pains have gone. It's such a great leap forward I feel like leaping forward," quipped one member of the group. 

Our aim is to run Balanced Lives programmes in many more locations and help people in local areas become fit and mobile

Your donations can help us to achieve this.


Contact us to find out more how we can help you take control of your physical wellbeing: [email protected]  Tel: 030 330 30132

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My muscles were weak when I started and I could only sit down. Now the pain has gone and I can do sessions standing up. I feel so much better physically.

Jenny, Werrington Lodge Group, Peterborough