Shirley - Action for Elders participant

Shirley’s Story

Help and Support over the Years.

Shirley is one of the long-term regulars at our face-to-face sessions. She filled us in recently on what Action For Elders has meant to her over the years.

At the Tea Party to launch our Getting Back Out There campaign, Shirley was in great spirits and keen to talk about the event:

“It was wonderful. We are all so pleased to be back with Action For Elders. And it is so lovely to be together, meeting new people, having a chat and seeing how they’ve all coped with the pandemic. It’s all a matter of getting people out of their homes, because we’ve been locked down for two years.”

Shirley has now joined a casting agency and been very close to working alongside her only crush Tom Hardy. Her confidence is back.

Coping During Lockdown

“It was hard for me during lockdown, because I had moved to a new property and didn’t know anyone, but I coped alright. My son called often, but remained outside, I communicated with him through the window. Action for Elders staff called regularly and also visited me, staying outside at a safe distance. These visits helped me cope.”

Life After Lockdown

So how did Shirley feel about coming back out after lockdown?

“I wasn’t anxious, not at all, it was absolutely fantastic to be here. The only thing I did when we came out of lockdown was to go supermarket shopping. I had nowhere else to go until Action For Elders phoned me and told me about this Tea Party event in Swansea. It’s been a great day and I’ve met a lot of lovely new people. It’s lovely to be out mingling again.”

Going From Strength to Strength

Shirley has gone from strength to strength; attending our big Christmas party in Swansea last year and becoming a regular at our Balanced Lives programme in Blackpill, Swansea Bay. She has also had help from our tech guru Adrian with her computer and now has the best of both worlds. She can take part in our online programmes, keep in contact with family and friends and join our face to face groups.

Support Over The Years

Shirley is also a regular at our popular Tea & Chat at the Swigg in Swansea every Friday. In this our tenth year, how would she sum up what Action for Elders has meant to her over the years?

‘‘Action for Elders have been great to me throughout the years as well as supporting me during lockdown. I am not able to attend all the wonderful programmes you offer because of distance and the raising costs of petrol. But I can’t say enough good things about what you do and the support you provide. I’ve made many new friends by attending your programmes. It’s made a real difference to me.’’

Help others like Shirley

We urgently need to help more people like Shirley, so your support and donations are absolutely vital:

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