Meet like-minded people and share your interests. 

The third aspect of the Balanced Lives Programme is     

Social Wellbeing

The social aspect is all too often overlooked in later years. It is very easy to become lonely and isolated, even within your own community, especially if you no longer feel part of it or valued. It’s often said that when people grow older, they become invisible. The Balanced Lives programme can help older people reconnect with their community, make new friends and become visible again. It's important to make older people feel that their lives matter.

The members of our Hereford group bonded very quickly and soon found mutual interests. Whether it was sharing a joke at our local Christmas party or doing the Balanced Lives exercises both inside or outside, there was always fun laughter and laughter in the air.

"Before Balanced Lives I could go for weeks without seeing anyone to talk to, so it's changed my life completely," said a lady from our Hereford group.

Our aim is to run Balanced Lives programmes in many more locations to help people in local areas reconnect socially and feel part of the community 

Your donations can help us to achieve this.


Contact us to find out more how we can help you take control of your social wellbeing: [email protected]  Tel: 030 330 30132

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The Balanced Lives programme is marvellous, the interaction is just phenomenal. I feel the social interaction is as important as the exercise. 

Frances, Barry (Vale of Glamorgan)