Turning Older People's Lives Around

The Balanced Lives programme combines gentle exercise with care, advice and understanding the needs of the individual  

I’ve had quite a few things happen to me. I lost my husband 4 years ago, then I had to move house. I got through that then I discovered I had breast cancer. You look around for different things to do, to bring you out of yourself. I think what I get from Balanced Lives is the thought that I am moving. I went to a carers group and felt I had the support. It’s the same here, with the combination of physical wellbeing and mental support, which is very important. Sue

* We have helped over 1000 people to turn their lives around and regain the zest for life

* Most people over 70 are below the minimum level of physical activity as recommended in guidelines issued by the NHS

* Loneliness and social isolation are harmful to health: research shows that lacking social connection is as damaging to health as smoking. There is a close association between loneliness, poor physical health and cognitive decline

* Addressing loneliness and isolation in older people has wider benefits for families, carers and communities

Balances Lives Programme - The Facts

  • Reduced prescriptive drug intake among beneficiaries by an average of 30%
  • Achieved a 600% increase in balance, suggesting a substantial saving on the cost of falls to the NHS, which at current rates in £2.3 billion per year
  • Increased overall wellbeing by 16%

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Stop loneliness and isolation in later life

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