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Tackling Mental Health Issues

Conferences, Conventions and Health Innovation.

We believe that good mental health is important: it can have a huge effect on physical health, determine how we handle everyday stress, tackle anxiety and relate to others.

Tackling the Issues

Following on from our success in tackling mental health issues with our Balanced Lives programme, Action For Elders were asked to be part of the IHSC Mental Health Conference on 29th September.

Andrea Nicholas-Jones, Action For Elders Strategic Engagement and Partnership Director spoke about our aim to tackle these issues with managers and leaders across the health and social care spectrum.

The Institute of Health & Social Care Management (IHSC) is a leading independent organisation for health professionals. The conference was set up to highlight the challenges members had reported in managing and providing mental health services.

The Department of Health and Social Care say:

“Early support and treatment are vital for mental health issues.”

AndreaPresenting the Evidence

Andrea presented evidence on the negative impact loneliness and isolation are known to have on an individual’s physical, mental, social health and wellbeing. Outlining our beneficial work in this area, Andrea stressed the importance of offering preventative and low-level services to tackle mental health issues, which can also include depression, anxiety, and stress.

Offering Practical Solutions

Our Balanced Lives Programmes offer a practical solution with a wide range of social support programmes and confidence building initiatives.

Speaking Events

National Pensioner’s Convention – Thur 14th Oct

Conference theme – Intergenerational Solidarity: We all get old if we are lucky.

Life Sciences Hub Wales Network – Tue 9th Nov

Innovations in Health and Social Care
Event organised by the Innovation Network for Health and Social Care.

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Action for Elders is keen to establish partnerships with health professionals wanting to improve the health and wellbeing of older people.

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