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Take the Walking Challenge

Introducing our Downloadable Walking Guides.

To continue our Walking Initiative we have published some Action For Elders walking guides to help get you started. We have three walking levels: beginning with getting up from your chair and taking a few steps to training for more adventurous walks in the great outdoors.

Three Levels

Our three levels cover every aspect of walking. Whatever your level of confidence or strength, there is something to help and challenge you to make walking part of your daily activity once again.

There are ‘core workout days’, but feel free to choose the days that suit you. The secret is to choose the days and stick to them; that way you have a specific goal and will find that it won’t take long to build up a drastically improved level of fitness.

Choosing Your Route

Think about your surroundings. Maybe there is some nice countryside that you have been meaning to explore. There might just be some interesting sites in your locality that you want to visit. Having an interesting route will make improving your fitness fun…

Social Walking

Think about friends and neighbours. Now that we can socialise to a certain extent you could choose some walking companions. Who knows, this could end up a walking group.

Get in touch with Action for Elders if forming a group is something you would like to do.

Intergenerational Walking

Think about bonding with someone during a walk. It might be a carer taking someone they care for out for a long walk or it could be a chance to catch up on the latest news from your daughter, grandson or friend.

Action for Elders Walking Guides

Level 1 – Easy Guide

Getting up from the chair, taking a few steps, setting a daily target.

This guide is suitable for people wanting to restart walking from the very basic level, those who have been unable to exercise for a long time and those who are very cautious, but would like somewhere to start, no matter how small.

Level 2 – Intermediate

Setting a daily target – 10 minutes a day – 30 minutes by week 6

This guide is suitable for people wanting to improve their walking and to meet the NHS guidelines of 150 minutes per week, starting with 10-15 minutes and working up to walks of 30 minutes.

Level 3 – Advanced

30 minutes a day brisk walk, planning outdoor walks, take a longer challenge

Starting with 30 minutes walking, this plan will help you get fitter, extend your distances and prepare you for longer hiking challenges. A great way to improve your fitness, lose weight and keep healthy.

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