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The Census is a once in a decade survey that takes place in England and Wales on March 21, 2021.The overall results will be made available the following year, but all personal records will be locked away for 100 years and kept for future generations and historians.

This year, for the first time, the census will be run primarily online, accessible via a computer, tablet or mobile phone. As more forms go online, it’s important for older people to be able to access them. Census 2021, run by the office for National Statistics uses the information to plan ahead and ensure funds are correctly invested in emergency services, health care and other vital services.

Interesting facts about the Census

  • The first UK census was in 1801, it took place mainly to ascertain the number of
    men able to fight in the Napoleonic wars.
  • Alternately, some say that the first UK census was done to record size of the UK population – then 9 million – so that the Government could ensure there was enough to eat.
  • Since 1841 censuses have taken place every ten years, apart from 1941 during Second World War.
  • The entire 1931 census was lost in a fire during the war.
  • The first census offering the online option was in 2011, when the UK population
    had risen to 63.2 million.

Why the census is important

Sharon Jones – Census Engagement Manager, Swansea says:

“The census provides a snapshot of households in England and Wales, helping to plan and fund public services. Everyone across England and Wales will be asked to take part.”

It’s important that those in later life have a voice in planning for the future, so Action For Elders – Digital Inclusion programme is there to ensure older people have a voice in this future and their community.

If you need any help with online access to enable you to fill out the census, please contact us by phone on 030 330 30132 or go to our Digital Inclusion and help page:
For more information on the census, visit: census.gov.uk

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