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What is the jigsaw project?

Often the best ideas are built on the simplest of premises. Our jigsaw club distributes puzzles to older people and encourages them to share pictures of their finished jigsaw with others in the community.

How does it help older people?

During COVID isolation, the Action for Elders Jigsaw Club delivered hugely positive results for those suffering from loneliness, anxiety and social isolation.

Even more significantly, it turns out that Jigsaws are not only good for the brain, but they are a great way to connect people in their local community.

How can I take part?

Just complete the form below and we will make arrangements to deliver a jigsaw to you.

Please indicate whether the jigsaw is for you or for someone else and what would be the best way to get in contact with you.

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Jigsaws can slow down the ageing process

Scientific research has proven that jigsaws can greatly improve the cognitive ability of those in later life. Solving jigsaws taps into all sorts of areas, including memory, perception and reasoning. It can actually slow down the ageing process and keep people mentally alert.

How jigsaws helped Enid

Enid from York is a lively 92-year-old who was finding life tough during lockdown. She was referred to Action For Elders by local GP Catherine Claudius-Cole at Jorvik Gillygate Medical Practice. Enid is a huge fan of jigsaw puzzles, so she was very pleased to take part in the Jigsaw Club project.

I love jigsaws, they lift my spirits up and keep me mentally aware. I’m now going to get a computer, as you’ve got to keep up with things

Enid age 92 and her completed jigsaw

Refer somebody

  • Give someone the gift of a jigsaw and help them to become part of the jigsaw social project.
  • And yes, anyone can refer an older person, providing that individual is happy to receive the gift and their privacy is not adversely affected.

We welcome referrals from GPs, NHS Professionals and carers who want to pass on the details of someone who would enjoy the therapeutic enjoyment of doing a jigsaw and sharing it with our community.

I’ve been surprised how popular it has become over the past months. We have since expanded the project to Hereford, Cardiff and all over the UK.

Project co-ordinator, York Action For Elders group

Some of our happy jigsaw club recipients

Be part of something

Our participants wanted to share their enjoyment. You can take part in our jigsaw project and we would be happy to share your pictures with our community.

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Email: info@actionforelders.org.uk

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