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How Leaving a Legacy Can Make a Huge Difference

As a UK charity working at the heart of local communities we aim to get to the heart of the major issues faced by older people. In our recent studies, we found that age discrimination, lack of mobility and anxiety – along with loneliness and isolation – had led to a sense of disconnection from the community.

We were heartened to learn that our Balanced Lives® programmes – as recommended by GPs – were having a very positive impact. We provide gentle exercise, coupled with social interaction in a friendly, supportive environment. In the case of Betty from Hereford, we helped her from over-reliance on a mobility scooter to walking unaided, while Richard in York was able to stand for the first time in six months. This new-found confidence has benefited them both physically and mentally. We are able to treat life-threatening health issues, prevent dangerous falls, tackle low self-esteem and anxiety problems.

We have reached 1000s of people, but urgently need your help to run more Balanced Lives® programmes.

Leaving a legacy to Action For Elders can make a big difference. If we don’t help, many people will suffer from a poor quality of life and die much earlier than they should. We found a vibrant community of older people who have the means to help themselves. By giving them the right tools we can create a lasting legacy of happier, longer and fulfilled lives.

For information on the Balanced Lives® Legacy Initiative, please visit www.actionforelders.org.uk or call 03033 030 132

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