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Walking is one of the simplest ways to improve your health, lift your mood and help you live longer. You can make walking part of your plan for health and fitness, or as a way to help with weight loss, but where should you start?

We have created plans for all levels of fitness, from people who have led a sedentary life for years, or who are recovering from a long illness through to those who are up for a serious 10k challenge or a long walking holiday.

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Beginners – Very Easy Walking

15 minutes’ walk? That’s easy, isn’t it?

Well, for many of us, it is not. To some people, even the idea of walking is daunting and the thought of taking a few steps fills them with alarm.

You may have fought a long illness or injury, during which time physical activity was extremely limited. You may have become stuck in a sedentary lifestyle that has resulted in weight gain and muscle weakness.

Easy Walking Guide

A simple plan to start you walking again.

  • Take your first steps to becoming active
  • Build your confidence
  • Prepare for greater challenges
  • Enjoy the feeling of freedom and achievement

Suitable for:

People wanting to start from the very beginning, who may have low confidence or have been inactive for a long time.

Old men walking together
Not confident about taking your first steps yet? Watch our videos on standing and sitting first, or join an online Balanced Lives Session and start to rebuild your strength and health.
woman walking in woods

Walking is one of the simplest ways to get active and excellent exercise in its own right.

If you are looking for more ways to build your strength and flexibility, why not try one of our Balanced Lives online classes, suitable for all levels of fitness and ability

Intermediate Walking – Part of Your Regular Activity

A 6 week plan for walking for health

Are you looking to make walking regularly a new resolution, or hunting for ways to meet the recommended target of 150 minutes exercise a week?

This six-week programme is for the person who wants to start walking regularly to improve their health and wellbeing. It’s the perfect way to get fitter and more active.

Intermediate Walking Guide

6 weeks to health with our plan:

  • Flexible walking schedule
  • Core workout days
  • Optional extra activity
  • Rest days for recovery

Suitable for:

The plan assumes you are mobile and able to walk for at least 10-15 minutes unaided.

Advanced Walking – Challenge Yourself

Longer walking challenge

Are you looking for a real walking challenge?

A challenge of a different sort, our advanced walking plan is aimed at people who want to stretch themselves even more. So, if you want to prepare for a 10K walking event, have a long-distance walking holiday in mind, or want to use walking to continue with a weight-loss plan, this is the perfect guide for you.

Advanced Walking Guide

Starting with walking for 30 minutes, the advanced plan includes:

  • Daily walking recommendations
  • Introduces you to cross training to improve your fitness
  • Brisker walking for cardio and weight loss, longer walks for stamina
  • Rest days for recovery

Suitable for:

The plan offers a real challenge. It is not for beginners and assumes you can already walk for 30 minutes.

Older woman striding out in the park

Retirement gives many people the freedom to do the things that regular working hours prevented them from doing. Getting active and exercising can be just one of the ways to celebrate your new freedom!

senior woman walking for pleasure

Let us know about your favourite walks. We are sure others would love to hear why you walk there and what you love about them

You can email us the details at info@actionforelders.org.uk, post them on our Facebook page, or use our contact form and mark the subject matter as Walking

Walking for Pleasure

Health, pleasure, fun and enjoyment

We are all different and most of us see walking for pleasure as one of the best ways to be active and to enjoy life.

This guide is full of tips on how to include daily walks as part of your exercise guidelines without it feeling like a chore. It is full of ideas and suggestions on how to enjoy a walk, how to plan, what to look for, how to record your activity.

Walking for pleasure guide

This plan is a list of suggestions. How you put these together is up to you, but it includes:

  • Making local walks interesting
  • What to look for and what to see in the seasons
  • Walking groups and walking with families and friends
  • Walking with your dog
  • Favourite walks throughout the UK

Suitable for

Anyone who likes to walk or wants to take up walking and can manage 20-30 minutes activity at a go.

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