Stay active and learn new skills

We run weekly Balanced Lives programmes in various communities to help people stay active, reduce the risk of falls, and also to combat the social isolation that affects so many. Our programme leaders help older people to learn new skills that help improve the quality of their lives.

To help maintain mobility we focus on key areas that have been expertly developed and have been proven to work. We also deliver 'The Senses Framework' that improves care for older people through a relationship-centred approach.Everything we do is evidenced-based. It is the result of research and development from our work with universities and relevant health professionals over the last ten years.

What’s it like at a Balanced Lives session?

It’s a blend of gentle exercise, health advice and a chance to enjoy the company of others. And for many people it’s a mutually supportive environment. People chat about their lives: what they’ve been doing over the previous week-end, or on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. There’s a lot of laughter and enjoyment.

As one of our course leaders says: “There are many occasions like these when people can let their hair down a little bit - and show they are still feel young at heart.

“It’s also an opportunity to share issues and problems. Sometimes they confide in me privately, and we talk things through. Health care is an important topic for most of them. We’ve listened and, on occasions, urge them to seek medical advice. On one occasion a lady did so and discovered she had a heart condition - for which she’s now being treated. People also share happy moments from their younger days and reminisce. Old school photos sometimes appear for a chat about those days.”

"I can feel the strength returning in my arms and shoulders"
Betty, Hereford