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Why We Are Different

Our Balanced Lives programmes are the real thing.

Tai Chi forms the basis of our Balanced Lives programmes, which focus on the core elements of balance, flexibility, endurance, strength and sustainability. All of these are evidenced based areas to improve mobility in older people.

There are many people at the moment who offer Tai Chi programmes for older people, many with the best intentions, but some ‘practitioners’ only have a few months training and little experience, so can often do more harm than good.

Our Tai Chi Teachers

We have been offering Tai Chi for more than a decade as part of our Balanced Lives programmes and our teachers are highly qualified, many with over 20 years of experience at the very top of their field. Our teachers are skilled communicators and understand how your body works. They can offer help and support for all kinds of physical, mental and social issues. Our teachers are trained to work with you as an individual. We are truly people focused and centred in all of our programmes.

Our Ten Point Summary

Here’s a quick summary of our Balanced Lives Tai Chi programmes.

  1. Our Tai Chi is part of a larger holistic programme which includes mental and social wellbeing
  2. Our highly trained teachers have more than 20 years experience and have trained with the highest level of Tai Chi masters
  3. We focus on 5 key areas: Balance, Flexibility, Endurance, Strength and Sustainability which need to be worked on together for overall improvement; as set out in evidenced based research
  4. We give everyone that attends ‘Individual Action Plans’ to monitor their progress and become responsible for their own health and wellbeing
  5. We work to individual goals and targets for all abilities and fitness levels
  6. Our exercises are guaranteed to improve or at least maintain your physical and mental health
  7. Our programmes link healthy ageing with positive ageing. Healthspan with Lifespan
  8. All our staff have full insurance cover, DBS checks plus health and safety guidance skills
  9. Our programmes are recommended by the NHS and utilised by health professionals
  10. Over the past decade our programmes have benefitted more than 10,000 older adults

On Demand Help and Support

We also offer a range of on-demand exercise videos via our website and our own dedicated YouTube channel which includes exercises for specific health problems; such as our four-part ‘Managing Sciatica’ series, which has quickly racked up more than 30,000 views.

Free Downloadable Fitness Guide

All those that join Action For Elders receive a free downloadable Fitness Guide showing the right way to exercise and offering programmes for all levels of fitness.

So if you want to stay in the best of health, choose the best, choose Action For Elders Balanced Lives Tai Chi programmes.

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