As far back as 2004, The Guardian was talking about the Britain’s Population timebomb; warning us of the problems associated with an ageing demographic.

Now, 13 years later the problem has become more acute. It would be very easy for us to sit back and do nothing, safe in the knowledge that we are all living longer. But, if we take time to think about it – we all know an older person, whether it’s a neighbour, friend or relative - that needs that extra bit of help.



Doing Nothing Isn’t an Option

We all lead very busy lives, so there’s only so much we can do to help. And sometimes, elder people need advice, support and practical help to ensure they remain fit and active. So how can we do something practical if we just haven’t the time to give?


An Urgent Need

This is where Action For Elders come in. We run the Balanced Lives Programme to take away the worry for both elder people and their carers. There is an urgent need for a service which helps older members of society keep fit and active, both mentally and physically. Our simple but effective mentoring and exercise programmes have achieved startling results...



Case Study – Sheffield


As a result of our work in a care home in Sheffield...

Anne is a lady who was the sole carer for her husband for many years until he died. Then she had a breakdown and was found wandering the streets after a fall. Put in a home she was depressed and not confident in her mobility. She joined our sessions. 12 weeks later she has a more positive attitude to her situation, smiles and converses more. Her posture has improved and she waits eagerly for each new session believing that she can again begin to walk unaided with confidence.