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Seven Days of Activities with Balanced Lives.

It’s easy to become disenchanted and demotivated at the start of the year, especially during current lockdown restrictions, but it only takes five minutes to turn things around. Some light exercise or positive thought can completely change your mood as the body automatically reacts to release endorphins that help you feel less anxious and give you renewed energy.

We have put together a full week of programmes taken from the wide selection our Balanced Lives instructors have created online, ranging from 5-minute workouts, through exercises and breathing that can be done while seated at home, to full exercises that help with fall prevention.

See our ‘Balanced Lives – Seven Day Programme’ and try out something different each day. Take our challenge and tell us how you feel after just one week…

Our seven day programme

Monday: Breathing Exercises: How To Keep Lungs Healthy and Strong

David Lipka shows how to develop lung strength and resilience to help fight infection.

Watch our healthy and strong lungs video

Tuesday: 5 Minute Workout

Betty Sutherland shows how to feel fit and well in just 5 minutes.

Learn how to improve your mobility

Wednesday: Motivation: How to Boost The Immune System

It’s important to maintain the body’s natural defences. Betty Sutherland shows us how.

Learn how exercise can boost your immune system

Thursday: Mental Health: How To Manage Negative Emotions

Betty Sutherland with some simple tips to banish anxiety, depression and mental anguish.
A way to deal with negative emotions – the finger wrapping technique

Friday: Safety at Home: Balance and Fall Prevention

David Lipka shows us how to improve balance and prevent falls.

Learn how to improve your balance – seated exercises

Saturday: Beating the Isolation Blues.

Chris Hoare shows us how to take a step back from the current problems we are facing and turn a negative into a positive.
Watch part 1 of our mental health practice

Sunday: Nutrition Advice

Chris Hoare looks at the connection between good nutrition and a positive mindset.
The connection between nutrition & the mind

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